Naruto and Ariel bento

0 Posted by - September 2, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

We made this project a few weeks ago, there are lots of pictures pilling up on my bento album waiting to be upload, but I think I will leave some of them since they’re just the same bento I’ve posted before.

I’d like this project because it’s been a while that we’ve got order for Naruto. And Naruto always has a special place to us, mymealbox team, because he’s the first kyaraben project we’ve done. I’d never forget all the troubles we’ve gotten ourselves into to finish the project, but we’ve got lots of experiences from it and I think that we’ve learned so much from that project that it really drove us so far until today.

So with that in mind, I went back to my old picture files and decided to revisit our first project. I used the same Naruto picture but made different approach for the character.  I don’t use egg sheet to make kyaraben anymore unless my customer ask for it, since pasta sheet has better consistency and easier to cut.

Naruto and Ariel bento
With better preparation we managed to create better detailed Naruto this time with all the whiskers and more detailed eyeballs, so it’s quite an improvement than our first time.

The other kyaraben for this project was Princess Ariel. I made Ariel sample for our other client but somehow it didn’t work out but apparently there’s someone who like her also. I used the same template as the sample since I liked what I made, so I won’t write the details again (details for Princess Ariel production can be read here).

Naruto and Ariel bento

The biggest problem of creating princesses we had was the character consistency. When we first making Belle, I felt that there’s too much inconsistency with our final product. While they all were hand made (which we can use as an excuse) but still we need to keep the result looked more the similar with each other. And finally with this Princess Ariel, I think we managed to do that.

If we look from the top view and we compare each of the Ariel, the consistency is there to see, which I’m quite proud of. Maybe it’s because I’ve made so many princesses (more than a hundred and counting) that my hand is getting used to cut those tiny curves (those lips are vicious to cut, you can get your finger cut for losing concentration). I would like to say that we’ve managed to upgrade our quality to the next step which is important and we need to keep maintaining it while try to improve further.

Naruto and Ariel bento

And while we’re talking about quality, I really want to compare our work with other. It’s good to have a healthy competition so we can keep up and learn from each other. I haven’t got the time to look around but from my last search I didn’t find someone else who’s doing what we do. Of course there are thousands bento makers out there but I haven’t found other who make kyaraben catering. If some of you knew please let me know then, and thanks before ;)

From the top view, it’s also obvious that I need a new camera (like GF1, hint hint) to produce better quality picture :D