My first bento

0 Posted by - September 9, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my wedding, so I think it’s a good start to launch my bento blog.

This is my very first bento, very time consuming to made since I never made one before so  I didn’t know the right flow on the preparation. I’m sure once I get the grip on thing I can do it a lot faster.

My first bento

I learnt most of bento stuff from other people sites, so I kind of summarize everything on my bento notebook (must have item if you’re serious bento maker). I want that all my bento to have this combination of protein (chicken, beef, pork, seafood), egg (chicken or quail), vegetables, fruits, and of course carbohydrates (rice, noodle or pasta).

For my first bento I want to include shrimp tempura (my favorite!), but I just couldn’t straighten them out like in restaurants, need to look more information on how to do that. As for decoration I tried to make the yellow chicks from quail eggs. I was using sesame seeds for their eyes and cut carrots to make their beak and comb.

As for the onigiri, I used the rice mold I bought from eBay (maybe I’ll put my equipments online on some other day). I cut nori with scissors and nori punch to add some details for the bear and hello kitty. I used carrot again for the ribbon and kitty’s nose.

The tomato basket was made by cutting cherry tomatoes and filled them with parsley. Last, some broccoli and peas for filling the bento box.

I found out that the most time consuming activity was adding details for my bear and kitty. But to make them look more lively and adorable you have to add some details on them.

It was very fun doing all that and I felt satisfied when I was finally took picture of them.

I had planned to do this for a couple of months but can not manage to do this until now. There are several reasons for delay I can think of, like I’m not familiar with this blogging thing, but my wife encourage me.  The other reason is that I want to personalize my site, not using another free template, but then my web programming skills is very limited at best and I have to spent hours looking at CSS and html tutorial website. Luckily I love to learn new things so it’s not a problem for me, but still if I want to make my ‘perfect’ design I won’t start writing this now. So expect some changes on the design of this site in monthly basis or when I start to learn more programming stuff.

Until my next post then, hopefully I can post new stuff in 2-3 days basis.