Monkey burger bento

0 Posted by - November 18, 2009 - Bento Art

I wanted to make this monkey burger about 2 weeks ago, but I need to find black olives first for the eye part. We can buy olive oil in almost every supermarkets but it’s really hard to find the real olives (the green one) let alone the black olives. Now I know the place that sell them and it’s time for some monkey business.

I first saw this monkey design in one of my Japanese cake decoration book, the author was Mari Miyazawa. The name is not familiar, but if you’re a bento lover you probably knew her site, I really inspired by her bento and cake decoration works, they’re all amazing and very creative, with great attention to details. The amazing thing is that she can make a living by making bento and food decoration, which I hope that I can follow her foot-step someday.

Monkey burger bento

Back to the monkey, the original design is using a burger bun for the head, but I wanted to make smaller head so I prepared a dinner roll instead. The ears were made with a half slice of ham (each) folded to make ear shape. The face was from a slice of cheese cut with a big bottle cap. The ‘W’ shape was cut with a heart shape cookie cutter (just the top half part). The monkey’s tongue was from a smoked beef cut with a big straw. And the eyes were slice of black olive, cut into half.

I knew the final result would look great since I already saw it, but I really amazed about the simplicity of the whole design but yet we can also feel the complexity of it. Hmmm, I just feel like I’m writing an art review like when I was in my art class back in college. Better back to the bento talk.

So after the monkey was finished, I put it into a bento box, added corn, broccoli chunks, a quail egg, a cherry tomato, and a mini orange with an elephant food pick.  We can eat the whole mini orange (yes, the skin also edible, but not the seeds) but it taste bad, the normal mandarin orange or California orange are way much tastier, I just bought them because they looked cute and will look good to be put inside bento boxes.