Mickey Mouse mini bento

0 Posted by - July 28, 2010 - Bento Art

Last week was a very busy week. We have some bent orders and also must prepare lots of thing for Jojo’s 3rd birthday. For Jojo’s birthday, we want to celebrate in four different locations for three days in a row. It’s a very ambitious thing to do since we don’t know for sure if our son can manage to behave well during all those events and since he’d just getting better from being sick for 5 days last week.

As for the this year’s theme, mommy choose Mickey Mouse theme since it’s Jojo’s favorite character. So we prepared all things Mickey, from the birthday invitation cards, birthday goodie bags, birthday cake, gift enclosure cards, and bento boxes that we need to make ourselves.

On Sunday morning we celebrated Jojo’s birthday at Sunday school with all his friends there. It was a very modest celebration, we just sang some birthday songs, pray, and then everyone shook Jojo’s hand. At the end of the class, every kids got a goodie bag from us.

From Sunday school we went to celebrate with kids from the orphanage. We went to their church and have a special celebration there. All the kids were very happy to celebrate with us. We also gave some books and stationery for each kids and our friends who came there with us donated some clothes as well. Since there were lots of kids (around 150) we didn’t prepare our bento boxes instead we just order some boxed rice to eat together.

Mickey Mouse mini bento

On Monday there’s celebration at Jojo’s school. We prepared same goodie bags like for Jojo’s Sunday school’s friends, a Mickey theme birthday cake, and our specially made Mickey mini bento boxes. Since it’s for a special occasion, I wanted to packs lots of things inside those mini boxes. We have a Mickey Mouse onigiri, sausages, broccoli chunks, corn, strawberry jelly, champagne grapes, and chocolate candy.

Those Mickey onigiri was made with Mickey cookie cutter and since it’s not an onigiri mold, it’s harder to make and I need to watch those ears since it tends to break from its head if we don’t put enough rice between them. The brown ears were made using brown pasta sheet, those were very easy since they can be cut directly using the cookie cutter. As for the facial details, those also very easy with the specially made Mickey Mouse nori cutter I’ve acquired recently. I made total of 16 (sixteen) boxes for around 2 hours long, it’s quite fast since basically I prepared them by myself almost without help.

Mickey Mouse mini bento

On Tuesday afternoon we also had another celebration at Jojo’s bible school. It’s a special event since we celebrating for 3 kids, Jojo and two of his friends who’s birthday only separate one day each (July 25-26-27th). I didn’t prepare bento boxes for the kids since they’re having a dinner party at KFC after school was over.

We also had a candle blowing session on Sunday night at home since Jojo loves to blow candle. We did it many times since it makes him very happy. It’s kind of weird feeling for me since during the morning celebration at Sunday school, there’s a kid who’s really afraid of candle so he’s start looking for his mommy when he found out there’s a birthday celebration, luckily for him we didn’t bring the cake and the candle.

So that’s all about Jojo’s birthday parties, I managed to took a shot of the goodie bag, cake, and mini bento, all Mickey (there’s a gift enclosure card also attached on the goodie bag).

Jojo's 3rd birthday

As for the cake, we didn’t make it by ourselves. Those Mickey and friends are toys and as for the fondant decoration, it’s very neat and clean, professional work of art, although the cake itself has average taste. But overall it’s a very good birthday cake and Jojo loves it, that’s what important.