Mickey Mouse bento

0 Posted by - June 5, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

For the next ten posting I will describe in detail about each of the assorted bento I made during last week.

The first character that came into my mind was Mickey Mouse, since it’s very popular (I think that Mickey is the first character my son recognized) and it also quite easy to make.

There’s a lot of Mickey Mouse bento out there, usually made using onigiri mold while others made it with egg sheet and nori (for the black ear part). I skipped nori since I don’t like using too much nori for my bento and I’m sure it will get wrinkled pretty fast given the high humidity in Jakarta. I decided not using black pasta sheet also since I was afraid it will look unnatural and uneatable especially for Mickey which will use lots of black color.

Mickey Mouse bento

After much thought, I decided using brown pasta sheet for the all of the black part of Mickey. I like the smell of brown pasta made with cocoa powder, next time I should add more sugar to make it more tasty for the kids. Total I only used four colored pasta sheets; brown for the base layer (those big ears), eyes, nose; white for the eyes; yellow for the face; and red for the tongue.