Mealbox salmon bento

0 Posted by - September 29, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

My customized lowel ego lightbox had arrived :D, the test photo result was quite amazing and I really feel that my pictures quality improved a lot, not quite professional like result yet, but certainly not amateurish.

To celebrate this event, I made this special mealbox onigiri with the cube rice mold with MEALBOX cheese lettering made with the alphabet ham/vegetables cutter.

Mealbox salmon bento
The mini carrots was cut from real carrot with knife and broccoli. I like the result, but I forgot to take their picture in close up. Next time when I made them I certainly will not forget.

The salmon was oven baked after marinated with soyu and other seasonings an hour before. I added a slice of lemon and leek to minimize the ‘fishy’ smell of salmon which my wife don’t like. The alumunium foil paper was used to prevent the liquid soyu sauce from leaking.

And for the fruit, since we still have lots of kiwi in our fridge, I had to use them before they become spoiled. The v-shaped cutter is mandatory for kiwi since the result looked great, easy to made, and have no parts to waste (except the skin after we eat them :)) .