Madagascar Kyaraben Set

2 Posted by - April 22, 2013 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

These Madagascar set were made several months ago and I have to admit that since we rushed for delivery therefore I didn’t have enough time to set up a proper photo shoot hence the pictures’ results were kinda below our own standard and I apologize for that.

I made these with the usual pasta sheet and cutting technique, since they kinda hard to be made with onigiri type kyaraben. I think Alex the lion was the easiest one although Gloria the hippo had fewer parts but I was having some troubles to make her skin color right.

Melman the giraffe also though to make but I kinda like the final result. As for Marvin the zebra, it’s the longest to make because it had so many parts for the stripes but somehow I messed thing up with the eyes part which taken the zaniness of the character. If I’ve got another chance I will make sure that I’ll get the eyes part right.

Madagascar Alex Bento

Madagascar Gloria Bento

Madagascar Melvin Bento

Madagascar Marty Bento