Chocolate painting

0 Posted by - January 5, 2011 - Lunch bento

Happy New Year 2011 to everyone ^_^

My first post this year is not about bento or kyaraben but still something about food and culinary project.

During my free time when we’re not taking any catering order at the end of December, I found out about this chocolate painting technique and I really want to try it myself immediately. I want to try something different to recharge my creative pulse since making and cutting pasta each week can get pretty dull sometimes. Please check this excellent tutorial if anyone want to try, I think anyone will be able to do it if following those steps from it.

I couldn’t do colored chocolate painting for my first project since I don’t have powdered food coloring, those baking supplies stores usually only sell liquid food coloring which won’t mix well with chocolate. I need to look harder for those powdered ones or maybe have to import those eventually.My first chocolate paintingI used Jojo’s old studio picture for my first project because it’s the best picture with really high resolution that I had. The difference between my project and the one in tutorial was that I used 4 (four) layered colors; 1st was all dark chocolate, 2nd was 70% dark chocolate & 30% white chocolate mix, 3rd was 30% dark chocolate & 70% white chocolate mix, and 4th was 100% white chocolate.

The white chocolate I had was really sticky and could not melt properly like the dark chocolate I had so the result was this uneven ivory white colors on the face. Maybe because the white chocolate had been stored for months since I didn’t have time using it. I have to make sure that I use new white chocolate for my next project and even buy a new brand.

I noticed also that I didn’t have to put my painting to the fridge to cool and harden the chocolate between layer, in fact I need to paint it very fast so the chocolate won’t harden before I used the skewer for detailing some small parts. The tutorial also said that the end result easily melt which was not the case with my painting. I left it in room temperature for an hour and the painting didn’t melt at all. I think those differences were because we used different chocolates.

I really had fun making this and I really need to try painting some more the next time I had a chance with colored chocolate since I think if they don’t easily melt I can use it for my kyaraben.