Assorted chocolate painting

0 Posted by - March 1, 2011 - Lunch bento

We’ve been quite busy these past few weeks with several projects and workshop schedules. So this week posts will covered some of our projects from past two weeks.

Since I made my first chocolate painting I’m always thinking that I could make some chocolate painting of some popular characters as an alternative to our usual pasta or egg sheets characters. So I spent several days practicing and perfecting my chocolate painting skills to test myself whether I could do mass production with proper timing compared to making characters from pasta sheets.

Here’s some result I made. The Princess Zelda was way back from early February when I’ve got this Zelda theme projects. First I made the outline with dark chocolate and after it dried I just filled out the empty spaces with colored chocolate and cover all of the painting with white chocolate.Princess Zelda chocolate pantingThen in one day I made several of other chocolate painting. Several were revisit from my old pasta sheet character templates while several others were new, never been made before.

The Naruto chocolate painting was an obvious choice since he’s the first kyaraben I’ve made and was the first projects we’ve got commissioned so there’s a sentimental value for me.Assorted chocolate paintingI chose Paper Mario because I’ve made several Mario projects with pasta sheets and while it’s hard to do a full body pasta sheets for this character but it’s quite an easy thing to do with chocolate painting technique.

I’ve got the same reason here with Link. While it’s still hard to do Link’s full body with chocolate painting technique because there will be lots of tiny details that couldn’t be covered with the size I’ve made (unless I do 20 cm tall Link) but still we can get Link’s head and body shot instead of just his head when I made the pasta sheets version of him.

The reason I made Keroppi was because I still have some of green colored chocolate (from Link) that could still be used and I couldn’t think any green character besides Keroppi that time.

The last from these assorted chocolate painting characters was Bambi. We’ve got a rabbit theme onigiri project based from character from Bambi so I wanted to give a bonus for the birthday girl with Bambi chocolate painting. It’s also a good practice with several chocolate gradations to make this character.

Overall I like both pasta sheets and chocolate painting characters and both have their pros and cons. While we can get a nice 3D effect with pasta sheets but chocolate painting can give us more details on the characters.