Assorted Cars chocolate painting

0 Posted by - March 18, 2011 - Lunch bento

We’ve got another Disney’s Cars kyaraben project again but this time we’ll make the character with chocolate painting. Another good thing is that we’ve got to do McQueen and King, the more the merrier :D

After making more than 100 characters with chocolate painting I think that I’ve improved quite a bit in term of moving my hand creating the character’s outline and getting the job done faster.

While it’s hard to do an outline with pasta sheet or egg sheet unless we cut some nori for outline (which I think it’s harder), we can do outline easily with melted chocolate so that we can give more details on the cars. I can add McQueen’s number 95 easily while it’s very hard to do it with sheets (in the same size).But of course, like I said before that chocolate painting characters’ lack of three dimensional depth compare to characters that are made with pasta cutting. It’s this pros and cons that I need to tell my clients but it’s still great having more options to choose.