20 Spongebob bento

0 Posted by - December 7, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

We had this project about a month ago, I actually quite surprised that someone ordered Spongebob based on the kyaraben I did a while back. So here’s 20 Spongebob kyaraben, ^o^ yay ^o^ !!!

Since this is one of my favorite kyaraben so I really had some fun doing the whole project. I did this project with my new assistant, and she help me doing all the eyes (white, blue, and brown colors) from cutting them with my various round cutter and assemble them together.

Spongebob body was made from egg sheet (usuyaki tamago) and I had to make them all by myself. Luckily that one square egg sheet can be used for two Spongebob body so I only need to make twelve sheets (just in case something screw up). We always have to prepare extra stuffs in the catering/restaurant business and the good thing is when there’s extra we can always eat them up later :D

20 Spongebob bento

So after we prepared the egg sheet as the body base, cut left and right the sheet with different size of straws, we then put all those eyes, mouths, and pants to make the Spongebob. Easy and fun to make, I wouldn’t mind to make one hundred of these in one day ^_^