Little Einsteins bento set

0 Posted by - April 30, 2011 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

This project was done during our hectic April month. With May already approaching fast I have to keep up with all my previous projects before there’s tons of new projects coming. Let’s hope that I will be able to publish two or three projects each week. Some of the projects were repeat of what we’ve been done a couple of months ago so I won’t post them since I don’t want to bore you guys and gals with repeat works.

I knew these Little Einsteins while working while my son watching Playhouse Disney channel. While the show was named ‘Einstein’ but it’s not a science educational show, instead the show teach young kids about art and culture from different countries and civilizations and also introduce some classical music and their composers.With lots of projects coming so fast, I have to make lots of chocolate painting of requested characters since cutting pasta won’t make the time frame needed for completion. These Little Einsteins was made in about 6 (six) hours for 24 (twenty-four) of them, so it’s roughly 15 (fifteen) minutes each characters. The outlines were not that difficult to make, but with full body characters there’s a lot of lines to make. And with quite lots of different colors for characters costume and skin colors I have to make lots of colored chocolates.

The overall result was quite good since there’s quite a variety from the four different characters.
Little Einsteins bento set