Lemon chicken halloween bento

0 Posted by - October 28, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Since my vampire ghost onigiri was inspired from ghost of Nintendo’s Mario games, I thought that I should make a proper tribute to it. I have a great memories of Mario (not the ghost, since it only appeared after several Mario titles) since I first saw it back in the 80’s. I thought that Super Mario Bros. was a greatest thing on the planet, and I still considered Miyamoto-san (Mario creator) as the most genius person in gaming industry until today. It took me 5 years since I first saw Mario until I could play it by myself when finally my mom bought the NES for me. It’s a very long wait for a child, but I still think it’s worth the time.

I could talk about games for hours but I should create another blog for it since I only want to talk about bento and cooking related stuff in this site. So I searched for Mario ghost and I sketched it on my notebook. I knew it will be quite a challenge to make the ghost exactly like in the game.

Lemon chicken halloween bento

I never made a complex shape onigiri before so I must figured it out the right approach for it. I made a ball shape onigiri first for the body and then create the ghost tail and two arms separately, then I pasted them one by one into the body part. They didn’t blend well at first so I had to sculpt it more with my fingers. The shape was getting better although it’s not exactly the same as my sketch but I decided to stop tweaking the shape since I was afraid it might break. The last thing I did was push the center body part to make the mouth shape to make the onigiri more 3D like.

As for the details, the eyes were nori cut with emoticons nori cutter added with round shape cheese cut with straw. The mouth was nori cut with scissors. Those triangle fangs were cheese cut with knife. Lastly, the Rolling Stones tongue was made with ham shaped with scissors.

The funny thing about the ghost on those Mario games is while they’re big and scary, actually they’re quite coward since they only chase Mario (and friends) when Mario not facing them and the ghost will stop and shut their eyes everytime Mario is face to face with them ^_^

Mario ghost onigiri

As for the scared mushrooms, they’re very easy to make, the key is to find cherry tomato with the right size. If we can find it, then we just need to cut the cherry tomato into half, remove the inside and put it on top of the quail. We can use toothpick or half-cooked spaghetti as toothpick replacement (if we afraid someone will accidentally eating the toothpick) to keep the mushroom head and body together.

Once the mushroom intact, we can add the details. The circle can be made using cheese or nori, which ever you’d like. Since the mushroom on Mario games is white (bright colored), I used cheese and cut them with straw. The eyes were nori cut with my trusted emoticons nori punch.

Scared mushrooms

For the filling, I made some lemon chicken and covered them with lettuce to separate the fried dish with the vegetable and rice portion. I put corn to add some bright yellow into the mix, the usual broccoli chunks for green color and to fill those small gaps, and seedless grapes at the bottom part.

This was the fourth Halloween bento I’ve made these past two weeks, I really like making themed bento but I think I should stop making Halloween theme bento since I’m afraid I won’t have good ideas for next year Halloween :P unless tonight I’ve got another idea for a really simple Halloween theme bento.