Kero Keroppi bento

0 Posted by - June 30, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

The Kero Keroppi character is one of many Sanrio cute characters. Most people only know Hello Kitty but actually there are other characters from Sanrio such as Cinnamoroll, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Tuxedo Sam, Badtz-Maru, Shinkansen, Charmmy Kitty, Monkichi, and many others. Like those characters from Disney or Pokemon franchise, we can also find many merchandise and apparels based on Sanrio characters. And if we want to make kyaraben of them all I think we need one full month to do each character.

I’ve known this character since little kid and at some point have some stationary with Keroppi pictures on them. Then about several months ago we bought this Kero Keroppi bedding set for Jojo’s bedroom so I decided to make this character for one of my bento.

Kero Keropi bento

Usually I made green pasta sheet with mixture of green tea but the result is too dark for this particular project, so special for this I made a green pasta sheet with food coloring to make a bright green color. Those red and pink colors also made with food coloring while the white and brown were made with natural coloring source (white pasta made with regular pasta mix without egg yolk and the usual brown pasta was made with addition of cocoa and sugar).

At first my wife’s comment was the green pasta looked very artificial but when it’s assembled with the other colors the overall result still looks cute, but for next time I think I will stick with green tea coloring.