Ironman Onigiri Bento

0 Posted by - March 4, 2013 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

This is one of the easiest from the superheroes set. While we can make a more detailed facial feature but I think the simple one like I did still do the job (thanks for the hard work of Marvel as the creator of this character to introduce this character to the world so now most kids know him well enough whereas a few years ago before the first Ironman movie came out only comic books die-hard fans knew the character).

For the overall head, same like the Spiderman onigiri, I used red colored rice.

I took the facial base featured from the movie version and trace it for the template. For better yellow color please use yellow egg only for the egg sheet to make the mask (although a gold colored egg sheet from a golden egg would be very nice indeed :D)

Ironman Onigiri Bento

We can use the remaining egg white for the white colored egg sheet for the eyes. The blueish eyes would certainly make stronger feel of the character but I’d prefer more natural color source unless it’s really necessary.