Hellowitch Kitty bento

0 Posted by - October 25, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Still in Halloween mood, I also still using Hello Kitty for my Halloween theme kyaraben, this time as a witch with flying broomstick. The technique for making the character was also same with my previous Hello Kitty kyaraben using puzzle style pasta cut. What I mean with puzzle style cut is that I prepared a base for the character, in this case with dark brown colored pasta, and then cut the rest of the Hello Kitty shapes as the second layer to put on top of the base. This kind of cutting is easier since we don’t need to put parts in several layers to make one character, although not all pictures can be made this way.

The difference of this puzzle style cutting with those layered cutting are the former is usually simpler but looks flat while the later is usually more complex and need longer planning but the finished look is somewhat more three dimensional (if cut and layered the right way).

Hellowitch Kitty bento

I also cut some bats to accompany the flying witch, oh I really wish that I can get those cute bat shaped pasta that the Japanese moms usually use for their Halloween bento.

For the bento filling, I made some ebi furai (this time I can make them straight) and put the usual corn and broccoli with pomegranate. I really love those pomegranate, they look like ruby stones.