Hello Kitty bento

0 Posted by - March 15, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I had this Hello Kitty onigiri mold and have only use it once and it’s time to give it a try again. When I started making bento I thought that all those rice and onigiri molds are the essential tools for making bento, but after made lots of bento nowadays I used less and less of them since we can make all shapes with our hands. But I must admit if we want to make lots of same bento in the same day then those molds are great equipment to have for make things faster.

I only used the rice mold for the head and added the facial details with nori, corn, carrot and cheese for the ribbon (both using vegetable cutter) while the arms and legs were done with my hand.

Hello Kitty bento

The other filling for this bento are my usual bento stuffing; broccoli chunks, corn, heart shaped sausages, grapes, and tamagoyaki (below the corn and sausages). I put fried tempeh for the first time in my bento box as the meat replacement which I think can be a great bento filling since we can cut its shape into almost anything, its hard enough to maintain its shape while its soft enough to be cut with bento standard vegetable cutter.

As for cooking tempeh, for us Indonesian tempeh is a very popular food (sold in every market and very affordable) so there are lots of variation on how to cook them. The most basic is we slice the tempeh bar thinly (about 0.50 cm thick), deep fry those slices and then eat them with sweet soy sauce or sambal along with warm rice and other foods.

And if we want to add more flavor to it, after we slice the tempeh bar, we can marinate them with chopped shallot and garlic, coriander, and salt with a little water for about 1 hour before we deep fry them.