Hello Kitty and Piggy bento

0 Posted by - August 30, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

While we have Naruto, Ben 10, Super Mario, Cars, Doraemon and other characters for boys (we haven’t got orders for Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc. yet but I’m sure someday we will) , most of the girls like Hello Kitty and Princesses and that’s why those two are our best sellers.

Most of our Hello Kitty bento are come with a pair, so far we have paired her with bear, panda, rabbit, and now it’s time for her to have piggy for friend. The basic shape of piggy head is ball, I have a ball onigiri tool but its diameter is too big for our bento box, so for this project I had to make my own onigiri ball with hands and plastic wrap.

Hello Kitty and Piggy bento

While we need more time to make pasta kyaraben but we can prepare them a day before, so on the delivery day after all other food are prepared in the box, all we need to do is put the assembled pasta character on the rice. But with this kind of onigiri, whether it’s Hello Kitty, rabbit, bear, and all other characters, we need to prepare them on the delivery day, that’s why we need more time to prepare them.

The hardest thing and usually took most of the time is adding those nori parts, Hello Kitty alone has 10 parts (6 whiskers, 2 eyes, and a nose and a bow ribbon). I tried to leave her whiskers to save time but then it’s not Hello Kitty, so as long as I get Hello Kitty orders, I’m stuck with her whiskers :P

The piggy was more manageable. We can prepare the sausage ears and nose also the the carrot cheeks a day before so all we need to do in the morning is assemble all the prepared parts (which is easier to put) and nori cut for its eyes and mouth. I used half cook pasta to pin those ears since I don’t want to use toothpick which can be dangerous for those children.