Hello Kitty and Panda bento

0 Posted by - July 29, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

We had this order made about a week ago during the preparation for Jojo’s birthday. The order was animal farm bento but we need to change the onigiri with Hello Kitty and panda. We have lots of animal farm orders, it seems that lots of people like it, maybe because there are so many decoration inside the box.

The Hello Kitty onigiri while it’s easy to make but we still need to spend lots of time adding her facial detail, her whiskers alone have 6 (six) parts, that’s about the whole facial detail we need to complete one panda. So we usually separate our team into two groups, one is making all the onigiri and the other completing all details with nori for those onigiri and quail eggs. Of course the detail team is working longer hours.

Hello Kitty and Panda bento
While the detail team is still working, the other can start to put the side dishes into the box so we can finish them all in the same time. After that I took some pictures of our work and start packing them for delivery.

And speaking about delivery, I had a bad experience delivering this one. The traffic in Jakarta is getting ridiculous each year that I had to spend 140 minutes just to cover 16 km of road (on Sunday morning, we can go to my parents house in Bandung for just 120 minutes only, and the distant is about 180 km). It’s not that bad at every hour, the traffic hell usually takes place around 06.30-09.00 a.m. to the business district and 05.00-8.30 p.m. from it.

Hello Kitty and Panda bento

This traffic problem is getting worst each year that it becomes headline for 4 (four) straight days this week in our biggest newspaper. But sadly from what I read, I don’t think that our government can solve this problem, it’s too big and complicated for them. They have the chance to start working the solution 5 years ago but they’ve never done anything significant and as we can see, the problem is getting worse and the solution is become more complicated.

But since I don’t have the say nor have the authority to solve this then what I need is to adapt and adjust myself to beat the traffic. So I just need to deliver all the orders earlier, better early than late they say ;)