Ham & egg sandwich bento

0 Posted by - September 10, 2009 - Bento Art

I made this early in the morning so my lovely wife can eat them while inside her car to the office.

Very easy to make, just bread with ham plus scramble egg and chopped broccoli. Put them together to make regular sandwich and cut them into several pieces to fit into the bento box.

Since we have lots of fruits in the fridge, I put some red and green grapes, strawberries, a slice of green apple, two slices of red apple, and tiny chunks of apple to fill the extra space.

My first breakfast bento

I saw the rabbit ear apple decoration in several bento sites and decided to try made them myself. Had to made several try to do decent shape, need very sharp knife to do it though. The bad thing with apples is they change color very quickly even if we put them in salted water first before we packed them, but luckily the taste do not change very much for several hours.

If you have spare time to read further, besides want to share the bento I’ve made on this website, I also want to invite other bento lovers (especially Indonesian bento maker) to share their work since I know lots of you are making them out there. I noticed that right now lots of bento making tools are sold in lots of places in Jakarta (Carrefour, Food Hall, Ranch Market, Daisho, etc.) and during my regular visit to some of those places their inventory are rotating so I assumed those bento tool are selling well. I also found an online Indonesian bento tools seller and it seems lots of people are buying from them but I can not find any of their work on the web.

Please contact me if you have a bento flickr page, websites, or blogs and I will add you to my link list so we can create a great community to share our works and our ideas.