Go, Diego, Go! bento

1 Posted by - July 9, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Go, Diego, Go! is a spinoff from Dora the Explorer animated series. The show stars Diego, who is Dora’s older cousin, who helps animal in danger at his rainforest Animal Rescue Center. With help from his friends, gadgets, and viewers at home, he sets out to rescue the animal.

For Diego kyaraben, I used the same technique with the previous Dora kyaraben, this time using 5 (five) colored pasta; orange for the base, Diego’s body and his backpack strap; brown for Diego’s hair, nose, eyebrows, and eyeballs; red for Diego’s mouth; and white and blue pasta for his shirt. Then I put a pair of round nori for Diego’s eyes and a little of mayo to add more detail.

Go Diego Go bento
For the bento filling, I put grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce and chopped ginger garnish, broccoli chunks, corn, and a pair of fresh cherries. The happy dolphin was made from carrot cut with vegetable cutter with additional cheese and nori.