Frozen Olaf tumpeng set

0 Posted by - June 11, 2014 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Still on Frozen theme, we had this request for tumpeng character, which now is very popular also since kyaraben catering become popular as a birthday giveaway. Tumpeng is like for us Indonesian equivalent of bento for the Japanese. When Indonesian celebrate something, like birthday, opening of new business, or celebration for any success, like good harvest, project completion, and so on, most likely we order tumpeng. I assume that thousands of tumpeng are being produced everyday, so it’s quite lucrative business.

The original tumpeng shaped is conical, symbolizing of a mountain. Now since kyaraben become popular, we become creative also on tumpeng making. But unlike sugar cake, there are certain limitation making figures with rice, from colors, shapes, and materials that we can use. The hardest part is to make a giant onigiri since I always afraid that the rice might break during the trip to the designated location, especially for free standing figures. For Olaf, I used 2 (two) chopsticks to hold the onigiri stacks from falling and an assistant in the car to guard Olaf :D

Frozen Olaf tumpeng set

As for the details, I used egg white for his eyes and teeth, seaweed for his mouth, eyeballs, eyebrows and buttons, stalk of coriander for the arms, chives for the hair, and of course baby carrot for the nose. The flower decoration was made with bok choy (chinese cabbage).