Fried noodles mini bento

0 Posted by - December 22, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

This one was lost in the picture piles along with the others that I only got the chance to edit it yesterday. I made this about a month ago for Jojo and all his bible study friends to eat during their afternoon break. We have bible study twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday afternoon) until Jojo reach  6 years old, then it’s only once a week. So each semester each kids’ parents must bring snacks, some light meal for all the children and also their teachers. Usually most parents since their quite busy, they just packed some foods from the market. But of course I want to prepare the foods by myself if I have enough time to do that. Luckily that Tuesday we didn’t have any bento order so I could do it.

The previous time I had to bring snacks, I made eclairs, two for each kids and three for each teachers. That was taking almost all day long since I only have small oven. This time I try something simple and something that I’m good at.

Fried noodles mini bento
So I made Javanese style fried noodles which I’ve made so many times before and it always taste good.

Since it’s quite hard to make something like onigiri from noodles, so I just put the noodles into mini bento boxes and personalize each boxes with all the children name. The letters were cut with my alphabet cutter from cheese slices. It’s harder than I thought since some letters like ‘E’ and ‘H’ broke easily during the removal from the cutter, I cut the ‘E’ double or maybe triple from I need to make ‘JESUS’ because half of them were broke.

The sad thing was that I think I spent more time cutting those letters than preparing all those fried noodles. But I like the end result and I hope that all the children like it also ^_^