Fried noodle bento

0 Posted by - November 9, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

My wife really loves fried noodle and haven’t eaten it for a while so maybe it’s time to make some for her. Like my previous chicken noodle bento there are lots of variations of fried noodle around here. We have a Chinese, Javanese, Aceh, and other versions. They are made basically using the same method and ingredients (using variation of chicken, seafood, meatball, egg, and vegetables) with the differences are only from the seasoning so each version have the distinct flavor apart from each other.

Fried noodle bento

And my wife loves all those versions, but I can only made the simple basic Chinese version since I don’t know the right seasoning herbs combination for the other versions. I used chicken, shrimp, beef meatballs, egg, carrot (cut into tiny sticks), stir fried them with salt, pepper, sweet soy sauce, sesame oil, and fish sauce. We can eat the fried noodle with or without rice. Usually I eat it with rice just to balance the sweet taste from the noodle.

For the bento I didn’t make any onigiri, just put the fried noodle on the lettuce and added broccoli, corn, with cherry tomatoes. I didn’t have any unique idea for decoration so I just cut a slice of cheese with music notes vegetables cutter to add some bright color for the bento.