Frankenstein bento

0 Posted by - October 27, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Another Halloween theme bento, guess I really pump up for this year’s Halloween. I really liked to do a Frankenstein bento during last year’s Halloween but I guess I didn’t have the skills to do it back then.

I never learned English literature but I know that this character was based on Marry Shelley’s novel with the same name, but what then perhaps there’s been misconception that most people thought that the Frankenstein is the creature’s name while actually in the novel it was the name of the creator. But anyway, it’s way more fun to create this Frankenstein creature than the good doctor himself.

Frankenstein bento
The design was very simple and I only need three colors of pasta sheets. I added some carrot jack-o-lantern to add more colors to the overall kyaraben.

For the bento filling, I made shrimp rolade and add broccoli, corn, and Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball ^_^