Fish tempura bento

0 Posted by - October 16, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I have made some sketches for halloween theme bento but I think I will make them next week. I’ve cooked shrimp tempura so many times before so I tried to make fish tempura for today. I could use a regular tempura batter recipe but somehow I wanted to try different thing and started looking on around for fish recipe. I found this fish-n-chips recipe and decided to try it.

While the fish was marinated I started my preparation for the decoration. I prepared a fish theme bento with rice but I didn’t make onigiri (rice ball) for this one. This was the first time I didn’t make onigiri for my rice bento, I’ve seen so many bento using rice as based and people created some amazing decoration on top of it, but I didn’t have enough time to prepare something good, just a simple decoration for this.

Fish tempura bento

The fish sausage was very easy to make, just cut sausage into half and then cut some line with a knife for its body and v-shape incision for the tail. For the tamagoyaki, I added spinach, again an experiment that I’d always want to try. I thing the spinach thing is a great idea from the Japanese moms so their children want to eat some vegetables.

I added some broccoli and strawberries to fill the space. The finished result was looked very simple. The fish recipe I tried was a failure, me and my wife didn’t like it at all, I think I just stick with the regular tempura batter recipe.