Doraemon bento

0 Posted by - March 19, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I made this one on the same day along with my last post Thomas the Tank Engine kyaraben bento. Basically it’s the same like my other kyaraben bento just with different character and different set of colored egg sheets.

Doraemon is very popular character among kids in Indonesia. The Doraemon animation series also run on every Sunday morning for more than 15 years. They translated the opening theme song into Indonesian version which is very catchy and I think most people can sing it well (at least some part of it). So it’s no wonder that here, Doraemon popularity is the same like Mickey Mouse, that everybody from kids to adults know and love the character very well.

I don’t watch Doraemon for years, but I still like the character a lot. Well, who doesn’t want a pet that can bail you out from any situation with its magic pocket that can pull out anything you can (and can not) possibly imagine.

Doraemon bento

Now back to the bento, I used the same blue egg sheet like the one for Thomas. I really don’t like using food coloring but there’s no way I can get the light blue color with natural food mix. The rest of the egg sheets were made using natural mix; pink was made a little grape juice mix with egg white, red was made with strawberry juice mix with egg white and egg yolk, and the white and yellow were made without mixing with other ingredients.

Compare this kyaraben with the Thomas bento, I really like this one better. The pose is more dynamic and alive compared to the very rigid Thomas (I really don’t understand why kids like Thomas, no offense, I think if this Thomas was there when I was a little kid I won’t like it either). Jojo also like Thomas, he even has Thomas train toy set (I didn’t buy it for him, someone gave it as a birthday present).

For the coming weeks, I want to try using pasta dough and making colored lasagna sheets for my kyaraben as substitute for the usual egg sheets. I think if done right, the lasagna sheet will make great kyaraben material since machine made lasagna have uniform thickness and we can freeze the dough for weeks for later usage.