Disney Cars bento

0 Posted by - March 16, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I made this to fulfill a request from my wife’s best friend. As I also like some good challenge I started to figure out how to make it. The first thing is try to simplify the character since it’s quite hard to fully realized this Lightning McQueen with colored egg sheets and nori for decal. Then I had to figure out the right ingredients to make those colored egg sheets.

Disney Cars bento

As things go, I had to prepare several colors of egg sheets; black, brown, red, yellow, and white. Yellow and white were very easy of course. I tried making black with mixture of egg white, egg yolk, light soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, and beetroot juice but still I only get dark brown as a result. Next time I will try again making black with squid ink if I can get it somehow (some said that we can get the already bottled squid ink in the market). The brown was easy since I had this dark brown I just need to add a little cornstarch (with a little bit of water) to make it lighter.

The red also rather hard to make since I tried not using food coloring (which is very easy and I can make any color I want). For the red, I mixed egg white, egg yolk, beetroot juice, strawberry juice, with some salt and sugar to balanced the sour taste from the strawberry. The result was this pinkish red since I had to add cornstarch to bind the mixture together. Next time I make this again I might add red chili to add more red.

After all egg sheets were ready then we’re ready to cut out the make a kyaraben. First I used the black (dark brown) as a base, then add white egg sheet on top of that for the eyes, window, and teeth. Then I cut out the red egg sheet for McQueen’s body. It’s almost done, all I need was making the wheels with light brown and red egg sheet and using yellow egg sheet to make the lightning decal and the headlights. Lastly I used nori for McQueen’s eyes and hood.

There we go, a simplified Lightning McQueen. I think most children can name it right (if they already knew Cars character) when they see the bento. I could add the ’95’ decal on top of the yellow lightning decal with orange egg sheet but I felt enough egg sheet already for one day.