Crown theme bento

0 Posted by - March 4, 2011 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

We’ve got this special request to make a kyaraben design based on crown since it’s the theme for the birthday party. I’ve got info that the cupcakes will have crown on top of them but I didn’t have a chance to see them at all.

The request was to make a design of boy and girl wearing crown, so I made a simple design of a boy and a girl face and make a standard crown. The crown for the boy is slightly different from the girl, I used different color for the crown and for the boy I used stars and hearts for the girl’s. Luckily our client was okay with the design I made so we could continue with the cutting process.

The cutting was not that hard but we have lots of different parts which we could cut them with the always useful vegetable cutters. We could cut ellipses, smile shapes, circles, stars, and hearts all with cutters so we could save lots of time.
Crown theme bentoThe filling was our usual white rice with chicken katsu, corn, broccoli chunk, sausage, and strawberry jelly.

We’re very pleased with the whole result since rarely we’ve got order for specially design kyaraben not based from known characters. Let’s hope there’s some more projects like this in the future.