Chicken noodle bento

0 Posted by - November 1, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

While almost all Indonesian eat rice as our primary food, we also known as noodle lovers. We can eat noodle for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as afternoon snack. The best selling food in Indonesia is Indomie instant noodle (with all their flavors), the company that produce the product is ranked number 1 for almost every year for the best corporation in the country because people kept buying their products.

I can write a long explanation about noodle, but since I’m sure this is not the last time I made a noodle bento, I will talk a little bit about noodle now and a little more in my next noodle post.

The noodle I made for this bento is chicken noodle, the most common noodle variation that most noodle restaurant sold. We cooked the noodle separately, then we added stir fried chicken meat and shredded green onion on top of it. I added mushroom (since I really love them) and corn for some sweet flavor and nice bright yellow color.

Chicken noodle bento

The most popular side dishes to eat alongside the chicken noodle are meatballs (the grey ball near the cherry tomato) and dumplings (fried or with soup). Our meatballs are different than the usual American or European meatballs. While we also used beef for our meatballs, the making process is quite different and takes longer to make, and while they do not have any preservative they can be stored more than a month in the freezer. I never tried making meatballs, it’s more practical to buy them since they’re not expensive and can be bought in any markets.

And for the dumplings, they’re the same as Chinese or Japanese dumplings. I made my own dumplings since they’re easy to make and also my son, Jojo, loves dumplings and we always try to make all his food by ourselves.