Chicken katsu bento

0 Posted by - September 22, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I decided to make bento with chicken katsu menu. Chicken katsu is arguably the most popular Japanese dish among Indonesian, and the staple menu in every restaurants that offer Japanese dishes. FYI, chicken is the main meat among Indonesian since moslems don’t eat pork (and 86% Indonesian are moslems according to Wikipedia) and chicken is usually the most affordable than beef, lamb, and seafood around here.

I’ve written down the recipe on my notebook along with the teriyaki sauce recipe. We can buy bottled teriyaki sauce at most supermarkets but the local made sauce had awful taste and got this unnatural smell and the Japanese imported sauce is very expensive, so I decided to make one myself.

For the bento, I made the onigiri with red rice, but I mixed them with white rice so the result was pinkish red since 100% red rice will be very purplish and dark (almost like black/gray) and I didn’t want that color for my bento. Maybe if I someday I want to make a night theme bento, I will use full red rice.

Chicken katsu bento
The onigiri was made with the cylinder shape rice mold and decorated with cheese cut with the ever useful vegetables cutter. We’ve never eaten rice with cheese before I started bento making but discovered it’s  a great combination, rice flavor added with salty cheese, yum yum :D

As for the crab sausages, I cut the sausage from the instruction I read on one of my bento mook. I boiled the sausage but the incision didn’t expand well so I fried them and they looked awful :( Maybe I should used less oil and fried quicker. There’s always next time …

I planned to decorate the quail but I spent too much time decorating the apple. I saw checkered apples in some bento pictures and I really amazed by them so I wanted to try it myself. The apple on the picture was not my first time, I did practice several times when I also did rabbit apple. While it looked good, it took too much time and I won’t do it often.

I ate this together with my wife. The katsu was good, so did the teriyaki sauce (which way better than the local ready made sauce), we both liked it very much.