Cartoon Link bento

1 Posted by - February 7, 2011 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

After celebrating Chinese New Year last Thursday and visiting some family members around my hometown we immediately got back to Jakarta on the same day. Usually we will spend the entire weekend at my parents’ house and hunting for delicious cuisine around town, but alas we have a very busy weekend coming at us.

One of the reason was I’ve got a commission for Zelda theme bento package coming on Sunday. If you’re an 80’s video game fans then I’m absolutely sure that you know what I’m talking about. Besides Mario, the Zelda games are considered Nintendo’s masterpiece that always been eagerly anticipated among fans around the world.

I really got excited when I found out that someone requested this project for me to do assorted bento of four characters based from the newest Zelda game.Cartoon Link bentoThe first character is Link. Although the game title is Zelda, but actually the real playable hero in all Zelda games is this boy named Link. There are two versions of Link, the cartoonish boy and the adult Link, both have same iconic look; long blonde hair, pointy ears, and always wearing green tunic when they go out on adventures.

The second character that always appears on Zelda of course the Princess Zelda herself, but I’ll show her on my next post.

The third character is Chancellor Cole as the evil chancellor who runs things for his boss. Since I haven’t finished the game I really don’t know what his real intention and what’s under his hats (two headed demons ???). Kudos for the character designer for making this evil character but still looks adorable and funny.Chancellor Cole bentoFor the bento I used Japanese fried rice with chicken nuggets, broccoli chunk, corn, beef sausage, a slice of lemon, and strawberry jelly.

I will show the other two characters on my next post coming tomorrow ;)