Captain America Onigiri Bento

0 Posted by - March 3, 2013 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

While it is usually a lot longer making characters with cutting technique but usually we get a good result, as long as we’ve got the template right. Different with cutting, those onigiri characters while usually need shorter time to make but lack the consistency when we try making multiple of them. Before I made these superheroes theme, I’ve got this uncomfortable feeling making lots of onigiri characters, I was afraid of inconsistency of the result, especially making this particular character.

Since I could get this right, now I’m more comfortable and looking forward making onigiri type characters, took more challenging characters to make while spend some time to share my experiences to the participants of my kyaraben workshop.

Captain America Onigiri Bento

As for the preparation making the Captain, we can’t use seaweed for the blue mask, so either using blue colored egg sheet or pasta sheet. I decided using egg sheet for this one. I didn’t use seaweed at all while we can use it for the mouth if some of you want to try. So all of the parts was made with knife, the eyes, wing-ears, mouth, and the ‘A’, even we need to cut the blue mask and make incision on the edges for smooth wrap it around the head.

For the head, I used white rice with kabocha (Japanese yellow pumpkin) mix. Just use a little for the mix since we didn’t want to make an orange colored rice. I think that it’s always better to add a little color to the head while we get a pale head for using white rice only.