California roll bento

0 Posted by - November 30, 2009 - Bento Art, Culinary Art, Lunch bento

Just coming back from Kudus on Thursday night, still exhausted from the long journey and although Friday was a national holiday (means that we’ve got a long weekend) but still I have lots of thing to do, like doing some craft for Jojo’s bible school assignment, family gathering celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday, and my wife’s colleague’s wedding among other usual schedule for Saturday and Sunday. I managed to make a bento during that time, still using sushi style ^_^

The base shape of this sushi bento is a California roll with kani, tamagoyaki, avocado, cucumber, and tobiko fillings wrapped with nori. The diameter for this roll was somewhat larger than the previous ones I’ve made, so I needed larger nori sheet and more rice. The egg sheet was added after I cut the roll since I was afraid I will damage the shape if I put them all together before cutting.

California roll sushi

I’ve made eight rolls but I can only put five of those into the long bento box. I made a very simple decoration for the sushi roll, just cutting sausage into thin slice for the fish scales and eye, arrange them and add some scissors cut nori for the eye and tails.

California roll bento

On the other box, I put the usual broccoli chunks, a half kiwi cut with my v-shape cutter which haven’t been used for a while, a cherry tomato and a heart shape tamagoyaki (I’ve lots of tamagoyaki leftover since the California roll only used a small amount of it), edamame, soy sauce in a bottle, and a pair of yummy cookies my mom gave to Jojo.

There’s still one sushi roll that I’d like to try, so I think I will make one more sushi bento around this week before back making onigiri bento.