Birthday noodle bento set

0 Posted by - July 7, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

This one was specially made for my niece to celebrate her 9th birthday. Since she’s a big girl now, she doesn’t want a cutie cutie bento like the usual because those bento are for kids, she said. So then I suggest a birthday noodle bento which quite appropriate since it’s been a tradition for Chinese people to celebrate a birthday with eating noodle (the long shape of noodle represent long ages) with the whole family members.

So we prepared the fried noodle along with mix of scrambled egg, slices of meatball, diced chicken, carrot, and cabbage. For the decoration, since the order is minimal, then I just added IVA B’DAY letters made from egg sheets and also assorted shapes of carrot cut with vegetable cutter.

Birthday noodle bento
We also made butterfly shrimps and assorted jelly and nata de coco for dessert. My sister also wanted to include some fruits for the children so I had to prepare them also. This mix fruits bento contain a banana, a half mandarin orange, and a handful of red and white grapes to fill the box. It’s very nice to see all those fruits lining up in those boxes.

Mix fruits bento
Lastly, we include assorted fruit juices along with the noodle box and the fruit bento. So I’m quite sure that all those foods will keep the children full during their lunch time.

Birthday noodle bento set