Belle kyaraben new version

1 Posted by - May 19, 2014 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

One of the first kyaraben I’ve ever made, and one of the characters that regularly requested.  I think it’s time to update her template to freshen thing up.

At this point of time, the most important thing is to have character templates that most of my assistant can made without much of my help.

Some of them already really good but it will be better if more people can do the jobs to increase our output so I can make something new to offer our customers, new bento menu and hopefully a really new and fresh product to develop.
Belle kyaraben new version
The most important thing for girls character is facial placement, with emphasis on eyes and lips. The bigger the eyes the easier to cut, same for the lips. I’m quite pleased with this new version that the face looks fresher and cleaner without too many small parts covering the face. She’s already become my favorite again.