Balinese Boy Onigiri Bento

0 Posted by - April 23, 2013 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I made this particular bento for a magazine photo shoot, so the idea is to make an original design that represent some traditional value. We are a nation with great and diverse culture but somehow our people don’t value them much any longer. I did a kyaraben workshop for a Japanese club in one college and then I visited them again during their Japanese culture week and saw that they have a great understanding and care about Japanese culture, which is good to have that knowledge and interest that I wish somewhere in our country in other college they also have an Indonesian culture week.

So from that experience I build up interest to make some cultural references about Indonesia into kyaraben work. We have so many source material that we can build upon them, and for the first I choose the easy one, a Balinese boy onigiri. Bali island is the most well-known Indonesian region in the world. Most people even don’t know that Bali is actually in Indonesia. I’ve been lucky to visited several places around the world and I must admit that Bali is one of a kind, and I always loved to visit there again and again with my family.

Balinese Boy Onigiri Bento

So while most Balinese now also wear casual attires, we can always meet some Balinese wear their traditional clothes while perform their Hindu’s rituals.

As Balinese are dark skinned, I mix white rice and soy sauce to make a brown colored rice. The traditional Balinese cap was made with yellow egg sheet. As for the clothes, it was made with yellow egg sheet, white egg sheet, tomato skin, and cucumber skin.

I’m quite pleased with the overall result and I determine to make another Indonesian theme bento when I’ve got time in between my schedules.