Assorted Sanrio theme bento

0 Posted by - March 2, 2011 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

We’ve been booked for this project from last year to be delivered this February. Sometimes we’ve got this very early bird and on some other times we’ve got some late orders that came several days before delivery time. It’s not really matter to us since we always prepare all orders with the same passion and commitment, but still we need a few days to prepare large order so I always advice our customers to place an order a week (or more) before delivery day.

So we’ve got a request for Sanrio theme kyaraben. Normally last year I would post this one kyaraben a time, but I don’t think I have lots of time to do this one by one so I took pictures of them all in one frame.
Sanrio theme bentoThe only Sanrio characters I knew before were Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and some others that I knew but didn’t know their names. So this project was kinda of giving me a moment to know them better. There’s My Melody and Little Twin Stars that I knew since long time ago but didn’t know their names. And then there’re some new characters like Cinamoroll and Kuromi. There’re lots of other Sanrio characters out there but we’ve only need to make these characters for this particular project.

We need to make 60 (sixty) bento boxes so it’s 10 (ten) each for each character but I split Little Twin Stars into two separate kyaraben, so we made 7 (seven) different characters.
Sanrio theme bentoFor the bento filling, we used fried noodles instead of the usual white rice, two pieces of chicken nuggets, broccoli chunk, a quail egg, and a strawberry jelly. After we finished up putting all foods then we put those Sanrio characters on top of the noodles.