Assorted Disney Princesses bento

0 Posted by - December 9, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

This was the hardest project we’ve had in November since this was the first time we’ve got full set yellow rice bento order plus four different princesses. The biggest concern of course was our all new assistants, since they’re movement were very slow (princess like :D) so we had to import another helper to assist our assistants (???) which could work faster than them, but of course we can’t hire them since they’re working for my sister-in-law.

With this kind of project, the hardest and most time consuming was preparing all those Princesses. We had to prepare all the different color of pasta sheets, total of ten colors (black, green, skin, yellow, red, white, blue, brown, orange, pink) with different quantity. I won’t count how many parts we need to cut, but they’re lots of them. But all the cutting and assembling process were fast compared to detailing the faces, like adding the eyelashes and eyeballs with nori, that’s the most time consuming process.

40 Disney Princesses bento

As for the food, we can prepare most of them one day before. The potato cakes, fried chickens, and eggs can be prepared overnight but still we need to deep fried the potato cakes and chickens on the delivery day. So during the delivery day, total we only need three hours to finish all the bento (but if we didn’t import more help I’m sure we need at least four hours).

I only took pictures of sixteen of them since there’s no space to shoot all of them. And I must say that the pictures don’t look that good but in reality they’re much much better looking. Another project well done, there’s harder projects coming for December …