Another Hello Kitty bento

0 Posted by - July 1, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

After making so much kyaraben with either pasta or egg sheets I really wanted to make one kyaraben with simple onigiri mold. I don’t have lots of popular character onigiri mold, so I used my Hello Kitty mold again after several months past.

I have this Rilakkuma mold but somehow this character is not very popular around here. I know Rilakkuma very well from my bento web adventure and I’m sure it’s very popular in Japan but I rarely seen Rilakkuma merchandise in Jakarta. I’m sure if I made Rilakkuma kyaraben my sister’s kids only recognized the bento just as ‘cute bear’.

Also I have to admit that I’m quite lazy here by making this Hello Kitty very similar with the one I’ve made before. I apologized about this but after making 18 (eighteen) kyaraben in one day I’m sure all of you will understand, but I promise the next time I made another Hello Kitty bento it will be much different than this one.

Hello Kitty bento

The difference between my previous version is I made whole Hello Kitty body along with her red dress. The head was made with Hello Kitty onigiri mold while the other parts of her body were made with hands. And the red dress was from red pepper cut with knife. The yellow buttons on the dress was cut from cheese.

The facial details also same like my previous version, with nori for her eyes and whiskers, corn ear for the nose, and carrot cut with vegetable cutter for the ribbon.