Animal farm bento

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This is from one of our order about two weeks ago. A light meal bento suitable for breakfast or brunch (yes, we Indonesian do eat rice on breakfast, some of us even eat the same portion just like lunch and dinner). It’s a cross of mini rabbit bento and Jojo’s birthday bento I’ve made a while ago with some extras.

We tried to pack as many things as possible for this bento. There’s pair of onigiri (rabbit and bear, shaped with onigiri mold), a bunny (with carrot ear) and a piggy (with ham ear and nose) quail eggs, a pair of chicken nuggets with our special panko mix, sausages, broccoli chunks, corn ears, and an assorted shaped jelly (bear, elephant, rabbit, duck, and car).

Animal farm bento

The most difficult thing to do preparing this kind of bento was placing those tiny cuts of nori onto all the onigiris and quail eggs. Usually I made my assistants did all the cutting first and had them separate all the different shapes and put them into different containers. And then in the morning after we’ve prepared the onigiri I started to decorate the onigiri with those nori.

Animal farm bento

It’s a long process but after we finished them all, usually we’d become really happy to see all those cute face from those onigiris and quail eggs and take some pictures of them.

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