Angry Birds bento

0 Posted by - January 20, 2011 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

When I was looking for ideas for my new kyaraben , I found this great looking and addictive puzzle game with all adorable characters that’s perfect for kyaraben making. Since I don’t own an iPhone I really didn’t know what’s the fuzz about this Angry Birds, but then I managed to get myself the PC version of this game and I immediately love it.

The game is about these birds who are angry because their eggs were stolen by a bunch of green pigs, and since they can’t fly they have to use a giant slingshot to catapult themselves to destroy those pigs whom are well protected inside their fortress made with various materials such as wood, ice, and stone. The gameplay is very simple but we must think carefully on how to deploy those birds to achieve maximum points.


All characters on this game are a good material for onigiri since their basic shapes are mostly round and each character only have single color for their body.For the red bird, I used white rice and mixed it with tomato sauce. The bird also had white color on the bottom part of its body, so I add a little white rice on the bottom after I made the red onigiri and shaped it again until became egg shaped. I used baby carrot for the beak and cut red pasta sheet for the feather on top of its head. The eyes and eyebrows were cut from nori and cheese slice.

Angry Birds bento

As for the green pig, I mixed white rice with edamame and peas paste to make green colored rice. I used edamame for the ears and cut a slice of cucumber for the nose. Like the red bird, I used nori and cheese slice to make the eyes and the eyebrows.For the Angry Birds theme bento, I put three slices of chicken nugget to make a fortress to protect the green pig from the red bird assault. I put the usual food for my bento to fill the box; broccoli chunks, corn, sausages, strawberry, and grapes.

It was a fun experience making this kyaraben, I definitely will make another onigiri based on this Angry Birds characters. Until next time ;)