Airplane onigiri bento, One Year Anniversary

0 Posted by - April 27, 2011 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

It’s been quite a while since the last post although I have tons of new projects from this month but then more projects come right after another so  it’s really hard for me to find time for editing and posting them.

This April is exactly one year from our first kyaraben order. We’ve come a long way, make more than 2,000 (yes, two thousands, yay ^_^) bento since then and the number still keep going. Of course it is still my dream is to make that kind of number each month, so around 100 bento per day, which I think is very possible to achieve.

I also plan to open a bento supplies store since lots of people, especially my workshop participants, ask me to do. So if I want to realize that also then I need to find more assistants to help me doing things around my house. With a new baby coming at the end of September, it’s really going to be a hectic year ahead.Today post is a simple onigiri bento. I shaped an airplane onigiri with beef floss inside it. I used carrot slice for the wing and egg sheet for its window. The facial of course made with nori.  Let’s hope that mymealbox can really take off like the airplane for coming years :D