30 Thomas the Tank Engine bento

0 Posted by - December 28, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I can’t believe we’ve past Christmas already, it’s like it skipped before me and time moves so fast each year. Like always, one week before the new year is a good times to reflect and looking back on what we’ve done this whole year. There’s so many new things I did this year that I never done before, like starting a kyaraben catering and all things that follow it, like searching for lots of suppliers (bento boxes, cooking supplies, food supplies, and many more) and doing lots of research on food products and characters that children like. There’s also doing some new things that occupy lots of my time such as making pasta sheets and cutting them into children characters. Luckily that I loves all that stuffs and I’m looking forward to do lots of those things next year.

For today’s post, I would like to share the Thomas the Tank Engine kyaraben project we’ve done early this month. I’ve made Thomas kyaraben about six months ago but the colors were off and I didn’t find a good time to correct it until this particular order came. But this new version of mine isn’t exactly right either since I always hesitate using too much blue food coloring for my pasta sheets, but still when I compared this with the old version I did the result was better, so there’s some improvement which is always a good thing.

Thomas the Tank Engine bento
The projects specification was to make Thomas kyaraben with two different bento boxes, the medium box (white rice, chicken katsu, broccoli, corn, beef sausage, and strawberry jelly) was for the children and the big one (Japanese fried rice, chicken katsu, broccoli, corn, grapes, and chocolate pudding) for their teachers.

30 Thomas bento

This was another successful project for us since we did it on time and later that day our client said to me that the she and all the children appreciated our work. It’s always a pleasure to hear again from our client so we know how we’re doing, even if we didn’t do a good job we also want to listen so we can improve our work in the future.