30 Princess Belle bento boxes

1 Posted by - May 12, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Continuing from my last post, beside 20 Naruto kyaraben I still need to prepare 30 Princess Belle kyaraben boxes. Those Belles were very hard to do since the crucial parts like the eyelashes, lips, and nose lines are very small and the details need to be done right.

Like Naruto, I also made most of the parts with colored pasta sheets that have been prepared on Monday. I used brown sheets (regular pasta dough mixed with cocoa and sugar) for the base, hair, eyeballs, and nose lines; pink sheets (pasta dough mixed with tomato ketchup) for the face and body parts; white sheets (pasta dough mixed without egg yolk) for the eyes and mouth; black pasta sheet (pasta dough mixed with black squid ink) for the eyelashes; and red pasta sheet (pasta dough mixed with dark red food coloring) for the lips.

30 Princess Belle kyaraben

I used yellow egg sheet for the dress since I couldn’t make a good deep yellow pasta sheets without adding some food coloring. I don’t like using artificial food coloring and if I have to then I will use it just for the minimum portion (like the lips). I’ve got this idea just pop out in my head, maybe next time I can use red chili juice for mixing (wonder if the cooked pasta will become too hot, hmmm…). Or maybe I can use fresh red chili skin to make some red parts, but I need to test it how much time until those skin withered after being cut.

I had my wife assisted me cutting some of Belle’s parts during Wednesday afternoon otherwise I don’t think we could manage to finish them on time. The hardest parts were cutting the eyelashes and lips, those parts were very tiny that my big fingers were having trouble maneuvering all the edges. I really need to find a better ways making those tiny parts.

30 Princess Belle kyaraben

So during the delivery day, after I finished all the Naruto kyaraben I continued with assembling those Belles. All I needed to do was put Belle on top of the rice which already assembled and put the yellow dress made from egg sheet and arranging some of the tilted parts with mayonnaise help.

We finished them all around 9 a.m. and then after cleaned up I drove my car along with those 50 bento boxes to the delivery address. All in all, I’m quite happy that we managed to do it with only 3 people without any trouble. As for the final result, I like those Naruto since they all almost look identical with only slight differences and quite an improvement compared to my first Naruto project. I have to admit that I need a better way to handle the princess project next time since the result for this project while is good and acceptable but I know that I need to do better.