20 Mickey Mouse bento

0 Posted by - December 23, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Until yesterday I just realized that I still have lots of pictures on my folder that haven’t been posted yet. Let’s hope that I can keep up and post them all before the end of the year.

This one was 20 (twenty) Mickey Mouse kyaraben projects we did a couple of weeks ago. One of my favorite projects besides Spongebob and Pooh because those three are one of the easiest character to assembled, they’re only consist of several parts but make very good and cheerful character pieces that children love.

20 Mickey Mouse bento

There’s some request to add some fried noodles into the bento box and also red colored quail eggs. It’s a Chinese tradition to give red eggs for relatives and friends to celebrate one month babies (man ye) but for Chinese the color red also represent good fortunes, happiness, and celebration.

We only need about two hours to prepare during the delivery day with four persons. Sometimes in Jakarta the most time usage is just to deliver the bento and return home especially if the delivery address is very far. I already ranted a lot about Jakarta’s traffic so I won’t do it again, I just hope that for next year the government will do some drastic changes to solve this mess and in about five years from now we can have a better living at this city. Cheers ^_^

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