20 assorted bento boxes

0 Posted by - June 4, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

This one was a very special order from my sister’s birthday. I don’t think that I’ll do it again soon because this project needs lots of planning and preparation. I will post all these kyaraben one by one, hopefully one kyaraben each day after this post.

The original order was to make 20 different bento boxes, which I think is too much. But since this order was came three weeks before the delivery date and luckily during those times I have lots of spare time to think and prepare, I’m readying myself for the challenge. When I told my team that I want to make 10 different kyaraben they thought I was crazy. Maybe I am, but I don’t think that anyone ever do 20 kyaraben with 10 different design in one day.

20 assorted bento boxes

Of course for this project to work, I need to decide which character I want to make. Since there’s no specific character request, I can decide which ever I want. There’s so many characters to choose, I made a list of about 30 possible characters and pick just 10 of them while I will do the rest from the list some other day.

Disney Cars bento boxes

After the characters were decided, it’s 50% work done. I could count how many colors and quantity of pasta and egg sheets I need to prepare. So on 2 days before the delivery date (D-day) I and my assistant worked on the pasta sheets first. One day before D-day my assistant made the egg sheets (only yellow and white) while I did all the cutting while and then assembling all those cut pasta and egg sheets.

Lastly on the morning of D-day, all we need to do was cook all the foods and assembling them all into the boxes. I only made chicken katsu, chicken karaage, and sausages to simplify things. The vegetables only the usual broccoli chunks, carrots (cut with vegetable cutter), and corn while the fruits available was grapes and strawberries.

20 assorted bento

I have to admit that I’m quite proud of this project, the pictures looked pretty good with all those different characters. Every person have their own favorite while I like Spongebob the most.