Hello there, greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia. I created to share all of bento I’ve done starting from September 2009. I’m also planning to share some of my bento making equipments and maybe some recipes in the near future. Please feel free to post some comments on my works, I will really appreciate it as we can learn and exchange ideas from each other. And as an ex-art student and also a designer, I am welcome for some criticism and won’t easily offended by them, as some constructive criticism will only improved my bento making skill.

My first bento exposure was started when I discovered a bento making community at flickr around May 2009 and couldn’t stop checking on them almost everyday until now. I really admire the effort from all the makers, you can feel their passion and dedication from just looking at their bento. I instantly hooked on this bento making business and started to search for more information on the web. And with all those detailed tutorials of bento making I found then I started this feeling that I can make my own bento too.

I started looking for all the equipments around, we can find several stores in Jakarta that sell them but since I’m too serious to quit, the needs to collect as much as possible bento gadget was too tempting, I bought lots of them online. There are basically hundreds of bento gadget out there since this bento making thing is growing more popular each year, I resisted myself to buy just the ones I think will be useful for a long period. I also went to Kinokuniya bookstore to buy several bento mooks collection for easy references. Those books contain lots of really amazing bento, I really need lots of practice to be able to match those works on the books.

After those gadgets arrival and studying lots of bento pictures, I still needed a week to start my first bento as I really didn’t know where to start, the first time of everything is usually the most difficult. But there’s no turning back, besides my wife will get really upset if find out that I spent lots of money to buy those stuff and not using them at all. So I made my first bento and keep it up regularly until now.